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Hello Lovelyz :D . My name is Mandy. Follow me on my own personal journey of self cleansing and up building. I welcome you into my world as I know it and invite you in sharing my Fitness struggles, accomplishments and failures. As well as a few life moments.

I <3 Crossfit, Oly Lifting and use that as my main form of fitness.

My Creds .. lol

Height: 5'9"
Pants/Dress size : 12 10
Shirt size: X-Large, Large,Medium

Body Fat: 48% 22%
HW/SW: 205 lbs
( CW: 181 lbs )
GW 1 : 199 lbs - Ding!
GW 2: 185 lbs - Ding!
GW 3: 175 lbs - Highly anticipating lol
GW 4: 170 lbs
UGW: 165 lbs ( Will buy first neon bikini!)

A 25 year old girl with a goal to get in the best shape of her life. Let us inspire each other! :) Ask me anything you'd like!

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On the Home Front: Oh you have Goals? That's cool, I guess.

Mom: - I made dinner...

Me: - You cooked?! As soon as I start strict eating YOU ACTUALLY COOK?! -___-

Mom: - You can have some... I made yellow rice and fresh (never frozen lol) Ribs

Me: - ( Looks at the food and the ribs dripping in BBQ Sauce) Um..... I guess I'll have a salad and maybe two ribs. ** I walk over to the sink with both ribs and begin rinsing them under the cold water**


Me: - I have a goal dad and Perfectly good meat covered in sugar won't be the nail in my goals coffin!!

Dad: - That was a perfectly good rib... so....Perfect.

Me: - Well, I'm going to have to settle with the unperfect rib and the giant spinach salad I'm having.

- (Pats dad on back)

- + Tumblrs..Living at home is the worst. Just the other day I asked my mom not to make homemade chocolate chip cookies because I have no self control. Guess what, She made them like 30 of them. smh gotta get out of here....

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