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Hello Lovelyz :D . My name is Mandy. Follow me on my own personal journey of self cleansing and up building. I welcome you into my world as I know it and invite you in sharing my Fitness struggles, accomplishments and failures. As well as a few life moments.

I <3 Crossfit, Oly Lifting and use that as my main form of fitness.

My Creds .. lol

Height: 5'9"
Pants/Dress size : 12 10
Shirt size: X-Large, Large,Medium

Body Fat: 48% 22%
HW/SW: 205 lbs
( CW: 181 lbs )
GW 1 : 199 lbs - Ding!
GW 2: 185 lbs - Ding!
GW 3: 175 lbs - Highly anticipating lol
GW 4: 170 lbs
UGW: 165 lbs ( Will buy first neon bikini!)

A 25 year old girl with a goal to get in the best shape of her life. Let us inspire each other! :) Ask me anything you'd like!

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- No Dairy
- Sweets once a week only
- Up Cardio to 6 x a week
- No Alcohol
- 8hrs sleep no matter what!
- No more smoking hookah

May the odds be ever in my favor. AND YOURS!!

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Tuesday WOD

Warm Up - 15mins Arc Machine

Back Squats - 165lbs 3-3-3-3 ( I use to back squat SO much…can’t wait to get back to where I was.

Good Mornings - 4x8 65lbs

RDLs - 4x8 165lbs

Practice : Hang Snatch/Push press - 45lbs 4-4-4

15 minutes Stair-master level 5
15 minutes Arch - resistance 20 

Stretch & Shower!!

Happy WODing Tumblrs!!

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- 20minutes Stair-master level 6

- 25# overhead squats 4x8

- 65# good mornings 4x8

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